Yardwork Turns Dirty When Men Steal from Elderly Woman

By Richard Harris

October 18, 2023
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 The saying, "You just can't get good help these days," proved to be very true for one elderly Buena Vista resident, who simply needed some help with yardwork.
 Not one, but two separate men were recently arrested for allegedly stealing from her while employed.
 According to the incident report from the Marion County Sheriff's Office, the lady noticed items missing, as well as money and the key to her storage shed, after hiring Jeffery Antonio Harpe, 48, of Buena Vista, to do yardwork. He was fired and told to leave the property.
 Afterwards, he was seen walking by the house as she prepared to leave for work. On one of those days, a neighbor saw Harpe at the house stealing Gatorades from a screened-in porch. The neighbor confronted him and he put them back.

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